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The fundamentals : Education and Awareness

In previous post we came across the basics of education and awareness ie the concept and it's importance in our life. Now in this post we'll discuss about the fundamentals of that, so let's get started.1)  Public Education and awareness  :-            To create awareness in people about education or any other topic is public education and awareness. In such awareness the target is public by which the awareness is created. These awareness may include environmental education and awareness, awareness programmes, awareness campaigns and all.            In the urban areas public education and awareness is mostly spread and known to the people. But in the rural area there's little troubles and people are not that much interested to take intrest in such things. According to them these concepts are for people with the great background. So create awareness in such people we first have to change their mindset . And once the mindset is changed then there's lot to …

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The basics : Education and Awareness

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