Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Media Highlights Sensational and Negative News 📰

          Well, I do agree with this and why should I not? Because that is what we get to see everytime we watch news on television. 
           It seems that these news channel are struggling for so called T. R. P but do they realize the cost they are paying for that? I'll not hesitate to say that they are misleading the countrymen and expect them to watch that rabbish at the cost of important work.Do you watch the news? Tell me how sensible the news are ! Do these news really do some good to our society? Unfortunately answere is negative. 
         It seems they've forgotten the basisjournalic objectives of journalism . Every channel be it Hindi, Marathi or English highlight the news which have nothing to do with people. 
         Even sometimes I doubt these are news channel or media who don't want the peace and it is very much seen from the role they are playing. You must be watching debate, tell me what do you see arguments among various political parties spokesperson, isn't it? But argument change into hated argument and all we get to see only the blame game . Each of them justify their stand and tries to prove one another wrong. Will that really help  to solve the burning issue that county is facing. Is there any impartial news channel left? 
         In society there are many Samaritans who worked for the society away from the public glare media is hardly reached out to them. But if there is little negative news it will constantly flashing giving people thinking that all the things are negative and all are corrupt.Many times they misquote the words spoken by the responsible persons and media does because they always want something sensational. If they don't get they do not  hesitate to create sensation by giving false news and all this they do just to increase their TRP i.e. Television Rating Point. 
           I wonder this competition among the news channel will take us where every channel after covering breaking news and if there's not any, any news they can make breaking news ! It seems they've forgotten that "media or press is fourth pillar of democracy" It should acts like control over  unacceptable but they stand by those who are economically powerful and politically strong. 
         You must have noticed if one news channel gives one new news and within no time the same news will be displayed on all other channels. They are the least interested in news related to the interest of the common man had it not been so, they would not have given such a coverage to the Trump's visit to the India. Is it really important to show all his entire visit on the television. Now tell me does that news really deserve so much coverage?  And it is being done at the cost of farmers suicide or basic problems in the India. 
          There are very few news channels who discharge their duty as the true journalism. But they're very few. But the general opinion about the masses is "media highlights sensational and negative news".


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