Thursday, February 27, 2020

Science : a great change ahead !

        India's science programs are effectively working in comparison to the world's science conditions. The National science day of India is marked on the discovery of the Raman effect by great physicist sir C. V. Raman. I. e. On the 28th February.
           21st century is known as scientific century and we've also witnessed the huge changes in the science and technology in the recent days. The invenstions, space researches, earth science, etc are rapidly exposing in the world science. But some of we have not arisen from the conjusted mind and the mindset we've, i.e. women's place in our society or "women in science".
            World's first Lady scientist was Marie Curie who was also awardee of the Nobel Prize. Turning to the India's first lady scientist she's Asima Chatterjee.
After that all other great womens worked in these science field and they are still contributing. There contribution is huge but why we don't know them ? 
Why they are not on the board always! Are they suppresed by the society? There are many facts, views and opinions but today's truth is that women's are rapidly taking part and Involving in the science and their contribution is remarkable !. 
         Do you know some of the womens whose work is remarkable and advance? Marie Curie gave the theory of the Radioactivity.  Dr. Shirley Jackson contribution in the telecommunications research.The lady Grace Hopper invented the computer programming where as Tessy Thomas is recognised as the missile lady in India.In the space too women's are not backwards, there's no field left where women are not working and that's a great sign! 
          But coming to some factual data and analysis according to tha United Nations there are less than 30% scientific researchers are women, on the other hand even if their numbers are not such more but the rate of their discoveries are great result of their presence in this field. And they're rapidly increasing. Only the thing is that we need to enhance them, we need to motivate them and we need to build up our mentality
About their Undiscribable work in this field. So the change is coming.. It's near and it's real. 
          India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world right now. Science plays a major role in it and due to the science we are here now, we are going to be the one of the developed countries in the world and it's the future of our India. There are very much effort from the scientists Dr. A. P. J. Abdul kalam, Dr. C. V. Raman, Dr. Homi Bhaba, Srinivas Ramanujan, Mr. Satyandranath Bose, Dr. Jagdish chandra Bose, etc. Their contribution made to stand us where we are now and we are changing so be the change by being yourself ! 


  1. Hey!!!!
    Adil bruh. your blog is awesome. Keep going. One day you achieve your goal. God bless you.

  2. It's no surprise that India is the fastest developing country in the world. It's almost impossible to separate technology from Indians.

  3. This is a great post, feeling proud to be an Indian.

  4. I love that science is developing, no matter what country. It’s so wonderful!

    - Ashley Rademacher

  5. This is great and yes agree India is so advanced it just needs to be recognised sometimes. The science awards are amazing and Indians are always know to be geniuses right?

  6. i had no idea india was so far along scientifically. what did chatterjee discover?

  7. India is truly one of the fastest developing economies because of technology

  8. It's nice to know about those changes are now taking place in India, congrats and more power!

  9. It is great to see these changes and it is much needed. Young minds need opportunities too.

  10. Very informative post... Keep it up the good work bro... ❤️❤️❤️


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